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          Social ResponsibilityEPISTAR

          Social Responsibility

          Occupational safety and health

          Safety culture management policy

          Reducing occupational disasters, creating an excellent safety and health workplace, and shaping a good safety culture have always been our efforts. To this end, the short-, medium- and long-term goals have been set in a step-by-step manner; the safety foundation has been laid from compliance with regulations, and the occupational safety management system has been gradually implemented, and risk assessment, source management, group damage prevention capabilities, and multi-set environmental safety E have been established. System or tool to assist departments to accelerate learning and copy successful experience to improve management safety and health performance; and to create a safe culture DNA of Jingyuan Optoelectronics, strengthen colleagues' awareness of safety and health, gradually create a safety culture, and constantly work for employees Environmental safety and health efforts, and strive to fulfill corporate social responsibility.






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